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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tips for Traveling in Snowy Conditions

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Tips for Traveling in Snowy Conditions
by Daniel Herrera

1.  Be aware of weather forecast the days being traveled.
2.  Always have more than a sufficient supply of gas for heating, defrosting, etc.
3.  Maintain at least 6 seconds of traveling distance between vehicles.
4.  Give yourself enough momentum before proceeding up a hill.
5.  Avoid accelerating at high rpms.
6.  Apply firm, consistent pressure while braking (the pumping method is not recommended if ABS brakes are installed.)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Heavy, 6-seater SUVs, perfect for snowy days and comfy road trips, available for rent today

GMC Yukon, seats 6-7, leather seats, DVD, rear controls, heavy and perfect for the snow.  Rent for a week or weekend on an extended test-drive.  Ride in style and safety.