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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Understanding Tire Pressure

Temperatures are dropping!  Have you ever started your car in the morning only to see the "Tire Pressure" light on?  With vehicles becoming more technologically advanced, the computer inside most late model and high end vehicles is equipped with delicate sensors.  This Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) keeps you driving safely, but often lights up your dash with a warning which may not always indicate a real problem with your vehicle.

As winter approaches we are fielding lots of calls from renters with this concern.  

The first step is to walk around and look at each tire.  If the tires do not look flat or low, the vehicle is most likely reacting to the sudden change in temperature.  

After you drive the vehicle for a bit, the light will often go out, as the vehicle adjusts to the new temperature and resets the tire pressure.  If it doesn't, simply go to a gas station and fill the tires to the correct pressure, keeping in mind that front and rear tires require different pressures.  Or, if you are driving a vehicle from Advance Car Rental, just call us at 703-528-8661 and we will take care of it.  

Safe Driving!