From compacts to Porsches, Advance Car Rental carries the vehicle to fit your lifestyle while traveling in the Washington, D.C. area.
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

All Wheel Drive Vehicles for the Snow

Snow - Snow - Snow

The Washington DC Metro area is enjoying a snowy winter and driving in the snow means taking a few extra precautions.  If your car isn't quite up handling the road conditions, check out these all wheel drive vehicles in our fleet for rent:

Jeep Compass
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Chevy Suburban*
Cadillac Escalade*
Range Rover Sport Supercharged*
Porsche Cayenne*

Mercedes E350*
Mercedes S550*
Cadillac XTS*
BMW Lix M (the only 750 M Class for rent in the U.S.)*

All wheel drive vehicles give you extra forward traction and better handling in the snow. 
All vehicles include snow/ice scrapers which are yours to keep as our special thank you for renting with us.  *All of the high-end vehicles have heated leather seats for the driver and front passenger to make your winter driving experience more comfortable.  Remember to start the car and let it warm up before heading out.  Remove all snow from the roof, windshield, windows and side mirrors. Drive slow and brake with caution.