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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


To know us is to love us!  
Hi I'm Patrick - I used to work as a flight attendant for United Airlines where I learned a great deal of customer service and conflict resolution.  I have traveled to world and it has become one of my greatest passions next to animals.  In my spare time you can find me on the tennis courts practicing my forehands or on a couch watching pointless reality television. Favorite quote: "The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.” – Michael Jackson  http://www.bestfriends.org/

The Artisphere is a new cultural center that is located in Rosslyn, Virginia. The new center used to house the old newseum before it moved into Washington D.C. The cultural center will house many different arts companies such as The Washington Shakespeare Company, a 4,000 square foot gallery for art exhibits, and a ballroom which will be used for social dancing.

The Artisphere has its public grand opening on October 10, 2010. The venue is located at 1101 Wilson Boulevard.  It is important to have a place where residents and visitors of the DC Metropolitan Area can come to view the arts all under one roof. 

Lia Hollaran will be featured at Artisphere this year. Her past work of “Dark Skate,” can be viewed in this article http://www.huckmagazine.com/blog/halloran-captures-dark/

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