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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fuel Efficient Beach Trip Cars

Headed to the beach the this weekend?  Check out this handy list of vehicles ranked by fuel efficiency with the total number of gallons require to reach the beach. 

Arlington, VA - Ocean City, MD   =   147 miles

Fiat 500   40 mpg or 3.68 gallons 

Mercedes CLA   38 mpg or 3.87 gallons

Chrysler 300  31 mpg or 4.74 gallons

Chevy Camaro  31 mpg or 4.74 gallons

Jeep Compass 30 mpg or 4.9 gallons

Jeep Grand Cherokee 30 mpg or 4.9 gallons

Dodge Grand Caravan  25 mpg or 5.88 gallons

Porsche Cayenne  24 mpg or 6.13 gallons

Chevy Suburban  23 mpg or 6.39 gallons

Vehicle size plays a starring role in the fuel consumption.  And while it's true that larger, heavier vehicles burn more gas, they also carry more passengers which can be a huge plus for those family and friends trips the beach.  

While the Fiat 500 achieves the best mileage, for a two-seat vehicle the amount of fuel needed per person is 1.84 gallons.

When you factor in the 6 passengers that the Chevy Suburban carries, the amount of fuel needed per person drops to only 1.07 gallons, making it a more attractive choice for a group.  

Don't forget the FUN FACTOR value!  There's nothing quite like the experience of driving a Porsche, regardless of the mpg.  

For rates and availability, visit www.AdvanceCarRental.com  

Or call 703-528-8661 and ask for the Rent 3 days, get 4th day FREE promotion. 

*Gallons are listed one way from Arlington, VA to Ocean City, MD.  MPG is based on 2015/2016 models' window sticker highway results. All vehicles listed are in Advance Car Rental's fleet as of 6/14/16.  Rentals and promotion subject to availability.  

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