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Friday, January 6, 2017

Hourly or Daily Car Rental?

You want to rent a car for a few hours and the hourly rate seems reasonable.  Before you click that button, take a few seconds and run some numbers to see if an hourly rental this time is really the better choice.  Often, you can have the convenience of keeping a car for 24 hours for about the same as a 4-5 hour rental.  The flexibility of having extra time, not worrying about another car being parked in the return space, and the savings that come with a longer rental can make the choice an easy one.  No need to stress over traffic delaying your return and clicking your rental into an hourly charge.  
If you're renting on a daily basis from a non-airport location, your taxes and fees are much lower, saving you extra money as well.  A compact promotional daily rate at Advance Car rental in Arlington, including all taxes and fees, totals $39.60 a day or $1.65 per hour.  Plus you can upgrade to the vehicle class of your choice and drive away in a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV for only $98.99 a day or $4.13 per hour.  The choice is yours.  Sometimes an hour will do it, but the peace of mind that comes with an extended rental is priceless. 

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